Conference Description

Science in Culture.

Technology, Mobility and Modernity in Italian and European Poetry and Cinema

The University of St Andrews

Parliament Hall, South Street, St Andrews, KY16 9JU

31 March -1 April 2017


The relationship between the sciences and the humanities is an area of studies that is in need of further research in the face of the continuous advancement and expansion of technology and science and their influences on the ‘happiness’ of society over the last two hundred years. Technology has certainly created tremendous opportunities for mobility, communication and wellbeing, eliciting enthusiastic responses as well as preoccupations across intellectual élites and society. In the 1830s Theophile Gaultier warned about the ‘end of books’ in connection with the development of technology and W.B. Yeats in the 1890s referred to ‘the man of science’ as ‘often a person who has exchanged his soul for a formula’. On the other hand F. T. Marinetti promoted an exaltation of the technical and scientific progress in his 1909 Manifesto del futurismo.

In this conference we would like to focus our attention on the interstice between sciences and humanities, two areas of knowledge that belong by default to different research paradigms. In particular we would like to allow a debate to evince the ability of both sciences and humanities to interconnect so as to create advancement and innovation in society. We would like to do so by studying the mutual influences that technology, poetry and film have had during modernity at a European level.

We welcome papers on the following topics:

  • Poetry in any European language
  • Film in any European languages
  • Cultural/social change
  • Medical sciences and culture
  • Philosophical perception of technology and the ‘betterment’ of society
  • Mobility
  • Communication